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Wilderswood Rescue

20170226_154910I was going to blog about Wilderswood today. This is the small piece of ancient woodland off Georges Lane on the way up to Rivington Pike. But a more exciting story happened.

The Hound and I were on the top of the Pike and heard a helicopter in the distance. It looked like it was buzzing around the Wilderswood where I had left the car. It was too far away to see what was happening, it could have been one of the Premier league football players taxi’s who often buzz the area on their way home. Anyway, the chopper disappeared behind the trees.

We returned to the car via the old cottages at Brinks Wood. Approaching the car park we saw the NW Air Ambulance parked in the field next to the car park. A crowd of onlookers had gathered most putting the event on Facebook live.  By the time we arrived, the casualty was well loaded into the Ambulance so I couldn’t say what happened. A quick check of the Bolton News has no info on so far. I can only speculate that a youngster had fallen off their horse. That afternoon there were a lot of horse riders out hacking from Matchmoor, some small kids on big horses there.

As it was still very windy, the helicopter carefully took off. He slowly rotated to face us and the wind. He rose carefully, head down and fighting the wind before he reached around 100m up. Then swung off over Horwich and in the direction of Preston.

So I’ll save the Wilderwood story for another day.

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