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Brownstones Quarry


It’s difficult to maintain a daily Out and About blog, particularly when daily walks seem to follow the same local tracks. This location is not far away though and is a classic location in rock climbing history in the North West. On a hazy and cold day, I headed up to Colliers Row on the top road from Belmont to Horwich. Behind the nicely converted cottages is a track to the quarry, nicely hidden from the road. There has been recent activity on the rock, as seen by the chalk all over the lower holds.

Looking down the crag one can see the woods above north Bolton and the Barrow Bridge chimney of course.

According to UKC,  Brownstone is the home of Lancashire bouldering. According to my 1975 version of Lancashire Rock Climbs (the slim version) climbs were first recorded in 1948. This section of the guidebook is written by the legendary and local climber Walt Unsworth.

Heading up above the crag there is a field full of Saddleback pigs. Further up the hill, the Lapwings are starting to gather in the fields below the moor and heather. It’s one of the best harbingers of spring, the Peewit call of the lapwing. .


One comment on “Brownstones Quarry

  1. bowlandclimber
    March 24, 2016

    Nice post. Have climbed [before bouldering was invented] there for 40 years. Classic venue and still popular, more so since the inception of ‘bouldering mats’. We did some scary stuff way back then.

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