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Confluence of the Rivers Ribble and Hodder

Ribble and Hodder

On this lovely spring day we ventured out on a familiar walk in the Ribble Valley, along the Ribble Way and Tolkien Trail past the ancient Winkle Hall and down to the rivers. The River Hodder comes in from the left joining the Ribble.

During the winter storms this river must have covered much of the flood plain above the considerable banks. Trees are still full of vegetation and the banks are strewn with broken trees and debris from upstream  roads.

Just down from this now idyllic spot is Hacking Hall where a ferry once carried ramblers and visitors across the river. This service dates back to the 17th century. It didn’t operate a regular service, you had to call for the boatman, presumably by shouting. The ferry  cost 2 or 3 pence per trip, dogs had to swim across to save money. The ferryman finished just before the second world war although occasionally services were provided on busy holidays up to 1955 when the boat was put in Clitheroe Museum.

Further down the river we stopped for a drink and watched a fly-fisherman struggling to get his lure out into the river, even with the help of a young gillie.


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