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Turton Heights



Turton Heights above Horridges Farm


Indoors duties have kept me from being out and about for the past few days. This week promises to have settled weather so a few short walks are needed. Chasing the sun I drove across to the dire forestry plantation above Dimple and the Bolton – Blackburn road.  There is, however, a delightful path through the trees to Hole Bottoms and up onto Turton Heights.

The top of this moor is totally featureless, grassy tussocks covering the high point. The view isn’t better from the top so  it’s much more pleasant to stick to the path, part of the Witton Weavers Way to the other side and look down onto Turton tower and the large reservoirs on that side of the hill.

To the south of the path  however is Cheetam Close and bronze age site. Another visit to this place is due.

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