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South Shropshire Hunt on Long Mynd


Earlier this week I was back on the Long Mynd in Shropshire. This time, it was an assessment for another activity provider. Not only did they take us out for a day on the hills, they treated us to some training in belaying and water safety.

Monday was a lovely day as we micro-navigated our way across the Long Mynd. We were surprised by the hunt appearing over the distant horizon. Some twenty horses and riders in bright jackets along with their pack of hounds. They split up on the top of the hills, across what must have been lovely riding conditions. A helicopter buzzed them, possibly a well-off follower, or perhaps an anti-hunting spotter.

The hounds ran up to where we were standing. Much larger dogs than I had thought, noses were kept fixed to the ground with long ears trailing in the mud. The rider in the photo stood and looked at us somewhat suspiciously, perhaps he didn’t like his photo taken. But we just walked on by, leaving him in his search for something to hunt.


One comment on “South Shropshire Hunt on Long Mynd

  1. bowlandclimber
    March 11, 2016

    Those John Peel types are often a bit twitchy [guilty conscience].

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