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Long Mynd


I was working down in Shropshire, and had a few hours spare before the forum started, so I took a walk up the Long Mynd. On my trips down to Cardiff, the train would pull into Church Stretton between the steep hills of Caer Caradoc and the Mynd on either side of the valley. This area looked good walking country.

Last Saturday I pulled into the National Trust Car park in Carding Mill and headed off north up the path through the families and dog walkers before taking Motts Road onto the moor top. The area here could easily be mistaken for Yorkshire or the West Pennine Moors, with heavy heather and bracken with smooth grass breaks where the sheep have kept the grass down.

The day wasn’t very clear but the views were good from the ancient tumuli at Shooting Box and the summit of Pole Bank, looking across into Wales. To the west is Stiperstones and Snailbeach – places on my “to visit soon list”. I recently did a family history for a friend who ancestors lived and worked in the mines there so I would like to see the place.

I took the longer route back, along the ancient Portway to Round Hill and dropping into Little Stretton. An old path through the woods took me back to the NT Tea Room and car.


One comment on “Long Mynd

  1. Bill
    March 1, 2016

    Great walk Tony… Beat you by a couple of months …. Was in Church Stretton for a week early in January … Also went up Long Mynd, Shooting Box, Pole Bank etc. Like a lot of the Welsh Borders it was quiet and had a few surprises in store!

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