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American Skunk Cabbage


I dont know if one can get excited about the appearance of such a plant, but to me this is one of the signs of Spring well on its way. Just below Smithills Hall, below the ornamental wall is a spring escaping down the slope, making a very boggy area. Ideal conditions for the American Skunk Cabbage which have now reached a foot tall.

20170411_144908These are not native plants and probably escaped from the old ornamental garden below the hall.  There is still some growth yet, they grow up to 1 metre tall and supposedly have a bad skunk-like smell, although I’ve never noticed it.

According to the Wildlife Trust they are an invasive non-native species and should be removed, but I’m glad they are left here, they do make a feature on my regular dog-walk around the hall estate.

2 comments on “American Skunk Cabbage

  1. Nas
    April 11, 2017

    There is nothing like this plant on my walks. Just lampposts

    • antondotreks
      April 12, 2017

      Nas, nothing wrong with Lampposts! Just good to get out for a walk!

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