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Burnt Edge Colliery Brickworks

burnt-edge-brickworks-02032017Was up to doing a circuit of Burnt Edge yesterday. At the end of the old tramway is the Colliery; Brickworks and farm ruins. This time of year the vegetation is well down so the many ruins are visible, here covered in grass, heather and moss.

I didn’t have time to work out which was which, but I think this is an old kiln from the Brickworks. Theres a line of ash debris next to the ruins, making a dry track now used by riders avoiding the rather muddy footpath.  The brickworks were added to the colliery when they realised that the large amounts of fireclay they were excavating could be turned into industrial bricks. After the coal was finished the brickworks continued for many years afterwards.

According to the mine reports this is what was under the ground;

  • Black fireclay full of Stygmaria: 6in
  • Grey fireclay (used for pottery): 2ft 6
  • Hard cank: 1ft
  • Fireclay: 6in
  • Bottom Coal: 2ft
  • Rough hard grit

From what one can see on the old maps, the site was abandoned  by 1894, although the water management structures above the mines  were still intact.  I’ll explore these some other, drier day.

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