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Yarrow Reservoir

rivington.A wet day today, so more about yesterdays Out and About.  Our walk was around Yarrow reservoir, higher up above the much larger Anglezarke and Rivington lakes. Yarrow is one of  seven water catchments built in the 1850’s around the west and north of the West Pennine Moors to supply water to Liverpool. Impressive embankments surround three sides of the reservoir with a cascade down into Anglezarke. The fall was in good flow yesterday after a wet winter and Easter.

The River Yarrow starts high up on the side of Spitlers Edge, just north of the high point of the road between Belmont and Rivington. Prior to the building of the dams the river flowed directly into Chorley. Now a small overflow from Upper Rivington restarts the stream before it resumes its way into town. Lower down the river Sea Trout and an occasional salmon make their way upstream through fish ladders. Otters have also been seen. Protecting these fish led to a “Friends of the River Yarrow” charity being formed. A plaque from them marks the source of the river high up on the highs.

Once we climbed up from Rivington to the higher area it becomes a gentle and scenic walk around the reservoir, through fields, across the solid Alance bridge and back along a water board lane. They were cutting the grass around the banks as we walked past. Smells of newly mown grass filled the air, nicer on the senses than the sound of the strimmers. That reminds me, I do need to do something about my lawn.


2 comments on “Yarrow Reservoir

  1. bowlandclimber
    April 2, 2016

    A good series of posts to an interesting area where you keep finding new, or rather ancient, things. Keep it going.

    • antondotreks
      April 2, 2016

      Thanks, trying hard. Have a stack of local guide books to help as well.

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