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Barrow and Outerside – NW Fells


Skiddaw and Blencathra from Barrow

Yesterday, the storm had kept us from the high fells. Today didn’t look much better, less rain but more wind. This forecast ruled out our planned blast up Halls Ridge on Blencathra. Instead, we stuck to the lower fells and went along with my mission to tick off a few more Wainwright fells.

The back road via Grange and Manesty took us from the hostel in Buttermere to Braithwaite. We parked in the village, which was still strewn with flood debris and sandbags. According to the Guide to the North West Fells, this was “a favorite Sunday afternoon ramble… and every step a joy”. Well, all I can say is that he hadn’t done it just after a rain storm and in a gale. Slippery grass slopes eventually steepened to a small knoll, which  provided a surprisingly sheltered spot, totally out of the wind, the ideal stop for a flask of tea and Brunch Bar.


It’s blowing a gale up here on Barrow.

As the previous day, the wind made it difficult to keep upright. So on the summit we didn’t hang around enjoying the view. But below the top we regained our balance and at the col of Barrow Door said our farewells to Dick. He wanted to get back home in time for tea and had quite a bit further to drive than me and Mike.



Obligatory summit photo on Outerside. Eel Crag behind.

We headed over the minor fell-top of Stile End and up the impressive looking Outerside, with nice views down into Coledale and across to the snow covered Eel Crag. This was another summit to practice our take-off technique. Then down the west edge and back to Barrow Door and a lovely grassy stroll into Braithwaite.


Despite the wind and wet ground it is perhaps a favourite Sunday morning ramble, with two more ticks in the fell list. Just five more in The North Western Fells left. Should get them done soon!

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