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Fort William to Loch Ossian Hostel – July 1974

While recuperating, I am digitising my large collection of slides, going way back to 1974.

Here are some of my first photos from a solo backpack from Fort William to Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. I camped at the top of the pass and had intended finding somewhere around the och,, but the weather and midges closed in, so I spent a couple of nights at the hostel. This included the train trip to Rannoch for a wee dram, before catching the last train back again. The best day was had climbing the horseshoe mountain at the back of the hostel, Leum Uilleim.
Notable is the great tent, my Vango Force Ten, Mk II LW. Solid and dry, but very heavy compared to todays tents. Served me well for many years, and I still have it!


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